Boat Canvas University
The Complete Program

Boat Canvas University

The Complete Program

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We’ve taken everything we’ve ever learned about the Boat Canvas industry, and created the only program in the country designed to take a beginner and turn them into a seasoned fabricator.

The complete course includes everything you’ll need to learn this craft, and do anything you want with it, including building your own company. 

The complete program includes: In-Person Workshop, Online Video Training, 1 on 1 Mentorship, and Private Facebook Group Access.

$5,500 All Inclusive

What’s Included

In-Person Workshop

Our most popular course! Every month we host an in-person 4 day workshop located at The Boat Canvas University headquarters in Maryland. 

Video Tutorial Courses

Our video training includes in-depth step by step tutorials on how to do anything involving boat canvas fabrication. 

1 on 1 Mentorship

How does direct access to John Cavender himself sound? Get answers to any of your questions quickly from John after completing our program.

Private Facebook Group Access

Join our exclusive Facebook Group restricted to ONLY current and former Boat Canvas University graduates. 

How It Works


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Access Course

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Results of Students Who

Have Joined The Program

Every student we work with will have success. The ones who do the best, put
in the time to learn everything we have to offer and take action.

Started own business after taking the course, now makes over 100k a year with just himself.
Moved to South Florida & made 125k his first year after taking course.
Existing business owner learned ways to cut time on projects and save money.
Started his own boat canvas fabrication shop in Michigan, in 2 years grew business to over 500k a year in sales.

Testimonials From Students

“Everyone who joins Boat Canvas University will increase their potential to earn significantly more
money by the end of the course.”

Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

Join Our Program. Get Certified.

“Whether You’re A Beginner Or Not, My Course Will Level Up Your Skillset And Earn You More Money. I Guarantee It!”

I work tirelessly to ensure the success of every student that enrolls into my program. ~ John Cavender