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Screen windows

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In this lesson I will show you how to construct the perfect zipped in screen window.  As a bonus I will also show you how to make a fixed clear picture frame window.  With this lesson you will have the ability to install a window in any canvas panel no matter the shape or size.  I will walk you through step by step making both radius and square corners.  The end result with this method is a perfect finish on the outside of the panel with only two stitch lines exposed.  When you learn this technique you will have the ability to make u-zip windows or invert them to have the clear roll down for a better aesthetic look on a particular boat.  I will walk you through designing the shape, cutting the clear, stitching the zipper with the screen and finally installing it on the canvas panel.  This is a technique that I designed years ago and have saved countless hours of labor because it is so easy to fabricate..

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