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Estimated Time: 15 Min

Difficulty: Advanced


Learn to replace existing clear panels to look like original

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In this lesson I will walk you through step by step replacing clear in existing panels. This is a short lesson that can make lots of money without a lot of work. If you have ever walked the docks and paid attention to the condition of the clear panels on most boats you will notice that most boats have at least one or more panels that need new clear. If you follow the instruction that I set forth for you in this lesson you could actually make a business just replacing clear. I have been doing this for years and can honestly say this is one of the best money makers when it comes to canvas fabrication. The trick is to take your time and make the panels look like they are new. If you learn this technique I’m certain you will be a hit in your marina and the big jobs will follow, if you make your customers happy with the small stuff.

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