Bow Cushion

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Estimated Time: 40 Min

Difficulty: Advanced


Learn to build a bow cushion from scratch

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This Lesson shows you step by step how to make a bow cushion.  I will show you how to build a pattern from the boat and transfer that pattern into a functional and attractive bow cushion.  I’ll guide you through every step of cutting out the different types of material used and show you how to make the boxing around the edge.  I also show how to make reference marks on the top and bottom pieces of material and sew the boxing together so the cushion lines up professionally.  We will go through installing a zipper on the bottom edge of the cushion and also straps with snaps to match up with the existing snaps on the boat.  This is a wonderful lesson on building flat cushions.  Learning this technique will allow you the freedom to make any shape and size cockpit or bow cushion you come across.

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John Cavender John Cavender Author

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