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Estimated Time: 40 Min

Difficulty: Advanced


Step-By-Step guide to building Knee Pad Bolsters

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This is a great course on building existing Bolsters. This job is easy to do and does not require much sewing. You will need to have an upholstery staple gun. I will walk you through building Step-By-Step the entire process of recovering existing Bolsters. I will show you how to line up the material so the fabric does not get twisted. I will also show you scribe and build the end pieces of material that will be sewn on both ends. We will walk through stapling the vinyl to the existing backboards to ensure you have no wrinkles in the vinyl. The last step I will show you how to make a welt cord covered in vinyl and stapled to the backboard to cover any gaps between the bolster and the gunnel or the transom of the boat

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John Cavender John Cavender Author

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