8′ Bimini

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Estimated Time: 1.5 Hrs

Difficulty: Advanced


This is absolutely the most important course you can buy!!!!

This Bimini Top course is the foundation of all canvas fabrication.  In my opinion making a Bimini is the root of becoming a canvas fabricator.  90% of all boats have a Bimini on them.  If you are new to the canvas business or have been making canvas for a while and want to increase your productivity, this course is for you.  I have personally watched fabricators take as long as 8 to 10 hours to fabricate a Bimini.  With the knowledge you gain in this course you will have the ability to complete a Bimini in 2 hours.  I can’t describe to you how powerful that is.  This course will show you how to fabricate a complete top with all the provisions to install zippers for an enclosure if you choose, or just make a standard Bimini. 

It is my opinion that the cost of this course is worth many times its value.  In my years of doing business I can honestly say that I’ve made more Bimini tops than any other items you can make on a boat. 

Course Instructor

John Cavender John Cavender Author

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