30′ Regal Enclosure

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Estimated Time: 3.5 Hrs

Difficulty: Advanced


Step-By-Step Videos on Building A Professional Enclosure On A Regal

In this course I will take you step-by-step fabricating a custom enclosure for a 30’ Regal runabout.  We will be using the existing Bimini top on this boat so we can focus 100% of our attention on making the sides and aft curtain.  This is a great course for all skill levels.  I will show you in detail how to pattern the front, sides and aft curtains. There are several tricks I show in the patterning of this boat because we are using the existing Bimini top.  We will take the patterns back to the shop and I will show you all the steps of converting the pattern onto the clear glass. The front and side curtains are getting facing on the exterior only.  The process of adding facing uses the Scribe tool and shows some great time saving techniques. 

The Aft curtain is built with the Kedder track and snap installation.  I will show you in detail how this entire process is built.  When your done with this course I’m confident you will have all the skill you need to build this project or one similar. 

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