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Estimated Time: 2 hrs

Difficulty: Advanced


A Step-By-Step Guide to Building A Professional Front Curtain

We are building a 5 piece front enclosure on this boat.  The front port and starboard corners are made with 80 Mil Acrylic. The Center and both sides will be built with 40 Mil Strata glass with a U-Zip.  I’m using two completely different techniques with bonding and sewing but making the end result look the same. 

This 40’ Cruisers is a very popular style boat with a hard top that has awning rail around the entire leading edge.  This lesson I will take you through the entire process of building this type of enclosure.  The front is very unique, we will build a zipper tail that attaches to the hard top with Kedder welt.  All the panels will zip to the zipper tail and attach at the bottom edge with snaps. 

When you have this technique down you will have the confidence to tackle any boat with a hard top or a radar arch.  The entire lesson focuses on exact measurements because there is no room for error.  Take a look at the sides, how they taper down to a tear drop point.  We are going to put the Scribe Tool to a test on this one. 

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