33′ Persuit Enclosure

4 HrsCourse Information

Estimated Time: 4 Hrs

Difficulty: Advanced


A Combination Of Acrylic And Strata Glass

This lesson is a great combination of both Acrylic and Strata Glass.  The enclosure has Acrylic sides and a Strata Glass aft curtain.  You will notice the side curtains have Acrylic 80 Mil clear with Sunbrella fabric boarders.  The aft curtain is 40 Mil Strata Glass with Sunbrella fabric boarders.  I will show you step by step how to build this enclosure.  We will take you from the patterning of the boat all the way to completion.  I will walk you through every step.  After you complete this course you will have no problem tackling any boat that wants a combination of clear on it. 

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