31′ Custom Acrylic Enclosure

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Estimated Time: 2 hrs

Difficulty: Advanced


Learn how to fabricate and bond a custom enclosure

In this course I will take you step by step fabricating a custom acrylic enclosure for a 31’ custom boat.  This is an awesome course that show you start to finish how to do one type of bonding on the finish edge of 80 Mil acrylic.  Keep in mind this is an easy way to bond fabric to acrylic.  The edges of the material are actually bonded without a finished edge, meaning the edges are not folded and seamed prior to bonding.  I am simply bonding the cut edge of the material directly to the acrylic.  The advantage of using this technique is time. When making the fabric components without a folded and sewn edge saves you about half the time.  This method directly relates to the price I get for these jobs.   This job was sold at $50 per square ft.  On enclosures with all the edges folded and sewn not only brings in more money it also ranks you higher on the “I am the best boat canvas fabricator pole”!!!  This is a great course and you will learn a great deal about bonding.  I just want to make sure you understand that there is more than one way to bond.  Consider the 70’ Hatteras course.

I will take you through all the steps of making the enclosure including patterning the boat and cutting the acrylic as well as all the canvas components.  This course will also shows you how to properly install zippers including vertical and horizontal zippers on kedder welt connecting to the track mounted on the boat. 

This project was made prior to having the actual scribe tool you have in your hands.  You will notice that I am using the same scribe tool it just doesn’t say canvaslessons.com on it.  If you have not already purchased the beginning course and received your scribe tool yet please do so first.

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