19′ Mastercraft Cover

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Estimated Time: 1 hrs

Difficulty: Advanced


Step-By-Step Guide To Build A Professional Mooring Cover

This 19’ Mastercraft cover is an easy lessons when you have the techniques down.  Little standard covers like this one is a great money maker.  I charged $995.00, I have around 11 yards of Sunbrella material at $20 per Yard thats a cost of $220.  My guess is we have an additional miscellaneous  charge of under $30.  Lets call this one $250 cost of material.  That gives us a profit of $745.00.  I actually have less time in this than 4 hours but lets call it 4 hours.  We just made $186.25 per hour.  You know what that means to me “We’re making money like the big dogs” So GET OFF THE PORCH !!!!!!!!

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John Cavender John Cavender Author

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