16' Flats boat cover

16′ Flats boat cover

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Estimated Time: 1 hrs

Difficulty: Advanced


Step-By-Step Guide to Making A Professional Cover

Learn now to fabricate a professional drawstring cover on a Flats Boat.  I will walk you through step-by-step of building this cover.  We will use the boat itself as the pattern for this cover.  I will show you how to make what we call rough cloth to pattern the boat.  As we pattern I will show you how to mark out or what we call scribe all the darts and the cutoff line for the rub rail.  After we scribe the boat I will take you into the shop and show you how to sew all the darts for shaping and how to build the drawstring pocket. 

When you get through this course you will have no problem building a drawstring cover on almost any boat of this type.  When you get this course under your belt and fully understand how to make this type of cover you will be on your way to successful career as a boat canvas fabricator. 

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John Cavender John Cavender Author

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